The Outside is Fishing Great!

Jeff deBrown


Air temp

Low: 63
High: 87

Tropical storm Ivo came by and did not really affect things. Although we fished in the rain a few times it was actually a nice change. We do still have some fish on the beaches and have had several of them eat! The other day while fishing the beach a client of mine threw a lure off the beach and a 30lb male dorado chased it. It chased it all the way to the beach then turned away. Threw out again and the 10lb female dorado took the lure! Landed and released her for another day. It was a really nice treat and goes to show you never know what you will see on the beach.

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing most of our time out around the squid boats as they attract a ton of fish…There is a nice mix of bonito, dorado, jacks and tuna. Over the weekend we also raised three marlin and landed one. Also, there are some really nice the dorado around the boats. Some of the are pushing over 30lbs.

We will continue to fish the outside for a couple of days mixed in with the beach. Shortly we will be releasing some great Mag Bay packages so stay tuned!

Tight lines,