Tropical Depression Lowell brings rain to Baja. The fish don’t care ther are already wet.

Baja fly fishing update and report for September 11th 2008

Written by – Jeff deBrown
The Reel Baja

Water Temperature – 75 / 86
Air Temperature – 75 /89

As I write this report tropical depression Lowell is giving us it’s last drops of rain.  Over the past couple of days we have seen some heavy rains at times along with off and on  drizzle as Lowell passed over the peninsula the past forty eight hours.  Over all it has been nice to have some rain here in Baja.  Things are very green and the temperatures have decreased slightly.

The fishing remains good.  For those that ventured out into the rain to try their luck they were rewarded.  This week off shore was the place to be.   Anglers were rewarded with Dorado and Tuna as the offshore fishing we saw last week continued.   Tuna and Dorado continue to be the majority of the catch.  We still have a good number of bill fish in the area.  We have enough to keep things very interesting for those looking for them.

For those looking to fish the beach or inshore the past few days it was very tough.  The rain we have seen the past three days has silted up the waters inshore.  It will be a couple of days before this gets better as Lowell is still giving us a little off and on rain as I write this report.

Over all the fishing remains good.  With no more storms on the horizon for now it looks as if things should only improve.  For the anglers that went out during the rains and were not bothered by getting wet they were rewarded.  They new the fish would not care if it was raining because the fish were already wet.