Tuna & Roosters Are In Our Sights.

Written by

Jeff deBrown

Air temp.
Low – 62
High – 85


Hi folks,

The storm passed through and the weather cleared up this week leading to great conditions. Earlier in the week, we had some wind out of the North, but it dropped off  and gave us a window of a couple of days with no wind. However, the wind did pick up again today, and is forecast to blow for the next day or two. Otherwise, the weather is perfect at the moment, with lows in the 60’s, and highs in the 80’s later in the day.

Tuna: The tuna have shown up again, and several boats came in today with several flags, so hopefully they stick around for a few days.

Dorado: Dorado have been solid all season, and some bigger dorado have been found holding around some structure after the storm, so if you fid some structure you may find some bigger fish around it.

Roosterfish: Roosterfish have been sporadic, but reports are coming in that there are some big roosters hanging around the beaches… If you know where to look, and you are patient, you will get some shots at some grande roosters and hopefully we will have some pics this week if it all comes together for us with my clients.

Marlin: As the water temperatures have continued to drop, the striped marlin bite has really picked up. We will be in Magadela Bay in just a few weeks, and we are looking forward to a very strong marlin season. There is good amounts of sardina around and this winter is shaping up to be as good as this summer season we just had.

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Tight lines,