Wind on one side and waves on the other

Hi folks,

This past week we fished on both sides of the peninsula. We saw wind on one side and waves on the other. 

In the East Cape this past week we encountered winds from the North that are typical this one of year in the East Cape of Baja. We had winds on most days this past week. We were lucky enough to have a few days where the wind didn’t start until early afternoon.  This gave us a chance to get out and spend a few morning fishing until the winds eventually forced us off the water. 

On these mornings here in the East Cape we found a little bit of action. Most of the action was fishing for white Bonita. Unfortunately this action wasn’t fly fishing. The Bonita have been holding deep in about 230 feet of water on the banks off La Ribera. That’s obviously to deep to get a fly to them so we had fun gigging for them on light rods. Most of the Bonita have been in the five to ten pound class.  These Bonita provided the best action for anglers fishing from a boat this past week. I did hear of the odd small dorado and a very few sierra. The Sierra should start to show in better numbers soon hopefully. 

Good waves in Cabo this week

If you’re looking to stay onshore there have been some small roosters early in the morning around the dock at Palmas de Cortez. It’s nice to see these small resident fish giving anglers a chance to catch a rooster from the beach in January!

Later in the week I spent time guiding out of Cabo San Lucas as well as San Jose del Cabo.  My guest wanted to try and fly fish along the shore as there has been good action for Sierra and a few small roosters. We tried but unfortunately the water conditions were not conducive with very large swells and very big breaking waves causing dirty water and over all bad conditions for fly fishing. These water conditions were generated by the storm in California. There has been good action near shore in Cabo for Sierra and small roosters and jacks so I’m sure the fishing will pick up again as soon as fishing conditions improve. Just a little further offshore but still fairly close there are still a few dorado in the Cabo area. The best action has been off the arch to the lighthouse. There have been white Bonita in this area as well. 

If your in Cabo looking to fish offshore about thirty miles there as been decent action for yellow fin tuna.   These tuna are under porpoise and have varied in size from footballs to 80 pounds. If it’s marlin your after the finger bank is still the place to be. There are marlin as well on the golden gate bank but that bank is fishing very slow compared to the finger.  The finger continues to be on fire. 

A fly caught marlin on the finger bank in Cabo San Lucas @reelbaja

The days I spent over out of San Jose del Cabo were decent inshore for small roosters. Most of the roosters were in the five pound range but a few larger fish mixed in. We had one school chase the teaser to the boat that were over ten pounds.  There are also some Sierra in the area as well as a few small dorado on inner Gordo bank. 

Fly caught rooster while fishing with @reelbaja

Our weather has been beautiful. We are experiencing sunny skies with temperatures in the mid to high 70’s with crisp cool nights with lows in the high 50’s. Baja is a hard place to beat this time of year. Great weather and pretty decent fishing.  That’s a hard combination to beat.