Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: A Little Bit Of Everything!!

Jim Hintz showing off just one of the two dozen rooster fish he caught while fishing out of cabo San Lucas with The Reel Baja.

Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water Temp.
70 Inshore
71.5 Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 63
High – 85

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report posted on April 23rd 2012.


Hi folks,

This past week we have had a little bit of everything.  Late Sunday afternoon of last week, you could feel the wind starting to blow from the North.  With the forecast to be windy here in the East cape my guest and I decided to get up early and drive over to the other side and fly fish out of Cabo San Lucas.  It was a great decision.  The wind blew here on the East cape very hard keeping anglers off the water.  We on the other hand, found flat beautiful water along with some excellent fly fishing for rooster fish and Bonita.

The wind continued to blow until mid week.  On Wednesday the winds stopped and the weather turned beautiful.  For the rest of the week we experienced bright sunny skies along with flat calm seas and some excellent fly fishing.

Along the beach and inshore we continue to have some good fly fishing for rooster fish and jacks.  A lot of the fish are still not eating due to the current spawning activity.  Don’t let that get you down!  Plenty of these fish are eating.  You just have to keep fishing and find the right fish.  My Guest Greg DeJulio got out with us once the wind stopped and landed four nice fish from the beach.

Offshore we have had some incredible fishing for marlin and dorado.  I have spent the last two days offshore and yesterday we raised eight fish and today we raised five.  We were able to get about half of those fish to eat the fly.  Out of those half a dozen we got two to the boat.  We also found some very big dorado.  We caught four dorado that all averaged 35#.  They were very nice fish.  It is good to see the off shore action heating up.  We always have some great blue water fly fishing in the spring.  It is starting to happen and it is exciting.

This upcoming week I will be on the beach as well as fishing out of the boat.  The weather is forecast to blow slightly this week and if it does I will be headed back over to Cabo.  If it stays nice I will be here on the East Cape chasing everything from rooster fish and jacks to marlin, sail fish, dorado, and bonita because they are all currently here.

Until next time….Keep fly fishing.