Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Fishing Is In Full Swing

Brennen Kerr holding a nice Rooster fish he caught on the fly.  This is just one of many we got during our two days of fishing together.
Brennen once again with a wonderful Tuna caught on the fly.
This is Peter Noris from New York, NY showing off a great Jack he caught while fishing the beach with me this past week.

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for June 29th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp. 75 – 77
Air temp. 77 – 91

Hi folks,

As most of you know we have had a slower start to this year than any of us expected.  I am glad to say that we are now in full swing and the fishing is very good.  Along with the fishing we have calm seas and beautiful days that make Baja a great place to be this time of year.

From the beach we continue to see good numbers of Jacks as well as a fair number of Roosters.  These fish have all been very nice fish.  I have seen a few very big Roosters over the past couple of days and the Jacks are averaging twenty pounds.  We continue to see great action for Lady fish and smaller Jacks as well.

Inshore we have a good number of small to medium sized Roosters.  These fish are eating the sardina that we now have in the area.  The sardina are still quite small but very effective for chum.  I have heard of a number of very big Rooster fish being caught inshore but most of them have been in deep water and on bait.  We also continue to see decent schools of Jacks as well as Pompano just a little further out.

Offshore it is a wide open Tuna bite.  A lot of these fish have been associated with Porpoise.  We have many different schools of Porpoise in the area and the Tuna that have been found with them have been very nice.  The average fish has been about twenty pounds but I have seen fish come in as heavy as one hundred pounds.  We also have Tuna in and around the light house.  These fish are very close to shore and have responded to the sardina very well.  If you can get them to boil you can cast a fly in the school and get a hook up.  If it is Dorado you are looking for it is pretty good.  You have to go and look for them but if you find them you can have a great day.  We have had a few mixed in with the Tuna at the light house but most of the Dorado have been a little further to the south.  We continue to see very good numbers of Marlin and the Sail fish are starting to show in some decent numbers.  My anglers have not wanted to spend the time on Bill fish as the other species have provided great action but if you want a Bill fish now is a great time. 

Well I am off to the beach.  I have a great couple of guests here at the moment and we will be spending the next six days on the water.  I will be sure to report how we do.

Until next time……keep fishing!