Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: It’s Marlin Time!!

Written by
Jeff deBrown

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Water temp.
Outside– 88/90

Air Temp.
Low – 76
High – 101

It’s warm and sticky here in East Cape Baja, but the fishing has held it’s own this week. Tropical storm George gave us some overcast conditions over the weekend, but things will clear up for next week as the storm moves further out to sea.

We are lucky to have a big range of species to fish for all summer long. One of the beautiful things about the fishery here is being able to fish for one species one day and a different species the next.

The top bites for this week have been dorado, striped marlin and blue marlin. The dorado schools have been around the lighthouse about a quarter mile off shore. Most of these are schooling, so not much in terms of size, but there are some bigger ones in the school. The sardina we found this week were small, but they did help in terms of keeping the dorado around the boat.

The marlin are around the La Ribera area, about 2-4 miles offshore. The striped marlin fishing is as good as you will find it right now, with an average release of three per day.
Sailfish are in the mix as well, so if you enjoy marlin fishing, come on down.

Tuna are still around, with most of them schooling around porpoise. The average size for tuna right now is 9-12 pounds, but we did break off some bigger tuna this week while fishing the main school.

The beach fishing has slowed down a bit for rooster fish, but there are still some big fish around. You’ll get your shots if you are patient, but you have to make them count to hook up.

Meanwhile, there is some great fishing going on right now in the marina at La Ribera. Small jacks, pargo, lady fish and juvenile rooster fish are keeping anglers busy. This is a perfect spot to stay busy all day long with a six or eight weight.

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