Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: September Closes With Great Fly Fishing

 Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for September 20th Р26th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
8o¬†–¬†82¬† Inshore
81 Р84  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 71
High – 88

Hi folks,

We had some weather this past week.  On Tuesday we were hit by a late developing tropical storm.  On Monday it was just an area of disturbed weather, then quickly became a depression and by the evening it became Tropical Storm Georgette, with winds gusting to 45 mph.  As it passed through our area mid afternoon on Tuesday, it produced winds of about 40 mph and provided us with about 3 inches of rain in a 24 hour period.  As I write this report we are currently experiencing an afternoon thunderstorm that is giving us even more rain.  The rains are very nice.  They have dropped our air temeatures a few degrees making the day time highs slightly cooler than last week.   Our mountains and hillsides are currently beautiful with cactus starting to bloom and flowers showing color.  This is a very scenic time to be here in Baja.

On the fishing front things have slowed down a little bit.  The storm caused the water to get quite churned up and with that we experienced some slower fishing.  We continue to see the fishing improve although it is still not as good as it was.  I believe over the next few days we will be back to the wonderful fishing we were experiencing before the storm.  The tuna bite has gradually gotten better the last couple of days.  The tuna are spread out with some boats finding them a long ride to the south while others have found some very nice fish associated with schools of porpoise.  Most of the porpoise have been a fairly long run due east 15 Р20 miles off shore.  The fish that are being found with the porpoise are on the larger side with fish as large as 170lbs. being taken.

The fly fishing for Dorado has also slowed slightly from what it was last week.  Most of the fly fishing for Dorado we saw last week was down to the south in the same area as the tuna.  On Saturday we did have a very good Dorado bite close to home.  This bite was located right out front of the light house.  Most of the fish were ranging from 5 Р20lbs.  The rains we are currently experiencing should help the Dorado fishing as some of the arroyos may run enough to carry some structure out to sea.  This structure could include things like root balls, trash, old palm frons, really anything that floats.  Dorado love to hide under anything that floats and these rains will hopefully provide structure for the Dorado to hide under and in turn, provide opportunities for the fly fishing angler.   

We continue to see strong numbers of bill fish.  We currently have very good numbers of sail fish in the area and with the water temperatures dropping ever so slightly we have seen an increase of stripe marlin as well.  As I have mentioned in the past;  later September and the entire month of October are excellent opportunities for an angler who is looking to hook a bill fish on the fly.    

Inshore we continue to see good fly fishing for rooster fish, small jacks, lady fish and pompano just to name a few.  As mentioned previously, the needle fish are here in abundance.  If you are fishing inshore you need to be patient.  Understand that you will hook a few needles no matter how hard you try not to and accept that you will loose a few flies to the needles.  If you do that you will definitely get your chances at other game fish that might be more appealing to you.

As I posted in my last report, I will be offering a special  on guide fees for the rest of September and October.  The special includes: pay for 2 guided days and get the third free or pay for 4 guided days and get the fifth and sixth free.  In order to redeem this special, please mention that you saw it on my report or heard about it from one of my other sources where I advertise.

Until next time………Keep fishing!!