Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Wind On One Side – Marlin On The Other

A Magdelena Bay Sunset!!!

Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for November 29th 2010.
Written by
Jeff deBrown

Water temp.
74 – 77  Inshore
77 – 79  Offshore

Air temp.
Low – 60
High – 79

Hi Folks,

I just returned from my first two trips fly fishing in blue water schools that I run out of Magdalena Bay.  I am home here for the next three days and then I am headed back over to Magdalena Bay and will run my final few trips as well as film a television show and be back home here in the East Cape around the 18th of December.

The fishing in Mag Bay on my last trip was very tough.  We had a lot of Marlin in the area but it was very tough to get them to bite.  I believe this was due to the full moon we experienced.  The fish are there, as well as the bait, but the fish were eating during the night.  We found them just sunning and lazily tailing down swell during the day.  We did manage to get a few fish and the ones we did get were very nice fish.  Most of the fish would race into the teasers only to swim off and not commit.  In talking with my friends in Cabo San Lucas they experienced the same exact thing.  We all think the moon phase was a big factor.

The moon phase should not be a factor for my next few trips.  The fish should be actively feeding during the day and hopefully providing us with some very good action.  I will be sure to report how we do.

Here at home the wind has been blowing from the North most of the week making fishing difficult.  We did have a fairly calm day yesterday and the boats that went out did fair.  We still have a few bill fish in the area as well as scattered Dorado.  The boats that are looking for Tuna are having to make a long run to the South down near the area of San Jose.  The Tuna fishing in this area has been consistent over the past several weeks but is starting to slow down.

Inshore we have seen an increase in the fly fishing from the beach for Sierra.  These fish have moved in with the cooler water and are giving the Baja fly fishing angler great action.  This action has been very early in the morning before the wind comes up and drives the anglers off the beach.  The Sierra have been very close to shore at sunrise giving us great casting opportunity.  As the sun rises higher in the sky and the wind starts to cause fairly big waves and swell along the shore the fish are moving out to deeper water.  I suggest you get up early and get the fishing in before the wind starts.

We also continue to see some scattered action for smaller Rooster fish and Jacks along our inshore waters.  We have seen a few more Jacks in the area and this is due to the cooling of the water.  We should begin to see some fairly constant action for Jacks on the days the wind allows us to fish.  We also continue to see very good action for Lady fish inshore and along the beaches as well.

I will be heading back over to Magdalena Bay on Friday.  I will be sure to let you all know how we do during our next few trips.

Until next time…..Keep fly fishing!!