Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report:Mid September Fly Fishing In Baja Is Good


Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for September 16th 2009

Written By
Jeff deBrown


Water temp.  79 – 84
Air temp. 79 -98

Above is Rob Jones and his new wife Heather.  They spent their honeymoon with me this past week.  Rob and Heather had a great trip catching a lot of dorado as well as rooster fish, jacks, lady fish, bonita, and tuna.  They are making plans to return with more of their family next year.

Hi folks,

Things here in Baja are quite good.  Our weather is still warm with day time high’s in the upper 90’s and over night low’s on the mid to upper 70’s.  On most days we are experiencing bright blue –  bird skies in the mornings and into the afternoon with the occasional scattered clouds over the mountains in the afternoons.  We have not seen any rain this week but everyone here is hoping for a little more.  The humidity is starting to drop ever so slightly but is still being felt.  Our seas have been flat calm in the mornings and on most days just a ripple in the afternoon.  We did see a pretty good wind from the South yesterday afternoon but today we are back to very still conditions.

On the fishing front the water along most of our beaches especially where the arroyo’s are found is still off color.   We have very poor water conditions in and around la Ribera.  These conditions also extend as far North as Rancho Leonero and as far South as the area of Punta Colorado.  Even though we have off colored water we have good populations of bait in these areas.  With the off colored water but the good concentrations of bait fishing in these areas is very difficult but not impossible.

Most of the fleets as well as myself have been targeting the fish in the blue water.  We have good concentrations of dorado in the area with most of the fish being found from the lighthouse South to Meganos Blancos.  Most of these fish have been in the ten to fifteen pound range with the occasional thirty pound fish showing up.  We have seen both single fish as well as some very nice sized schools.  Some of these schools have had as many as twenty fish in a school.  We also have very good fishing for bonita in and around the area of the lighthouse down to Rincone.  Mixed in with the bonita have been some very nice yellow fin tuna as well.

Further offshore we have very good concentrations of porpoise that are holding some very nice size tuna.  Most of these fish have been between forty and seventy pounds with the occasional fish over one hundred pounds and up being caught.  I know of a boat that did not come in until eight o’clock last night as they were fighting a tuna that weighed in at just under two hundred and thirty pounds.

On the bill fish front we continue to see some average fishing for sailfish with a few stripe marlin mixed in.  I have not heard of any blue marlin being caught this week although I am sure a few were hooked.

I am thinking of heading over to Mag Bay next week to see some friends and do a little fishing.  I have heard that the bite has not been too bad after the storm so I may go over and find out.  With everything that is going on here though, I just may be sticking around here and doing my fishing.  As they say, “why leave fish to find fish?”.  Until next week, tight lines!