Tuna-Dorado Still Fishing: September Special.

Jeff deBrown




Air temp

Low: 79 High: 91

Week of September 8th, 2014

Hi All,

Well, it’s been a challenging week with the weather we have been having which did bring some rain and wind. The storm which recently came through was just offshore and has since died down, but a new storm is now forming below us and is likely to be headed our way. The forecast calling for an 80% chance within the next five days… but, anything can happen along the way and we will keep everyone posted.

Sept Tuna

The main focus has still been on the offshore and we are still catching good quality fish just offshore. Dorado and bonito are scattered and there are still some good tuna mixed in with porpoise. Bait is around, but it is sporadic from day to day. The boats that have bait are getting into some good fish.

Sept Dorado

The water off the beach is off-color in most spots, but it cleaning up fast and I will be looking for some fish over the next few days. I have noticed that the water temps actually dropped off nicely after the last storm, so it should actually help the fishing.

The remainder of September does have some openings, so if you are interested in fishing with us, please call and we will be happy to discuss a September special. *

Sept sunset

Looking forward to updating shortly.

Tight lines,