We are Up and Running: October is Looking Good

Jeff deBrown




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Low: 75 High: 91

Week of September 22nd, 2014

Hi All

Quick update on the situation after the recent storm, Hurricane Odile that passed through:
Here in East Cape, cell service has returned as of this afternoon (Sept 22) for most of the area. We are still waiting on power, but I have seen quite a few electric company trucks around our area today working on the lines and I also saw a helicopter checking all the major power lines in our area, so work is being done quickly.
Sept Tuna
Other than not having any power, things are pretty much back to normal. As far as gas, it’s not a problem at all. Both gas stations are up and running, so we have plenty of fuel for the boats. All the hotels in our area are open, including Rancho Leonero, Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort and Palmas de Cortez.  I took a drive over to Rancho Leonero today and the hotel looks great!! Most of the hotel guests are currently accessing our area through La Paz as the airport in San Jose is still closed.
Sept Dorado
The Southern peninsula that took the brunt of the hurricane, including San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas – is also rebounding fast from the storm. Yes, some places may take a little longer than others to regain fully from the storm, but over all, the community, national and international support has been incredible. Travelers may have seen some bad press and images about the area after the storm, but those photos and reports are not what is truly happening now. What is happening is a rebuilding process (again, more in San Jose and Cabo than here in the East Cape) that is uniting people to bring this wonderful place back to life.
Marlin nov 3

How can you help? You can help by making your plans to come down and fish with us. The community is ready for you to come down and experience the wonderful things we have to offer. As I stated we here in the East Cape are up and running and functioning at 98%. Our friends in San Jose and Cabo are not far behind. Make your plans to come and see us. We are ready for you to come fish with us as October is one of the best months of the year! Please reach out with questions via email as our phone line is down, or please message us on Facebook. We are running a October package so message for details.